He was with me last night. All night.

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omg wait serious question how did you download cesear flickerman's theme to make it your ringtone?!

I just recorded any internal music.

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Nenna, my baby <3 happy birthday! i love you very much, and thank you for being such an amazing friend - i consider you one of my BFF'S :) you're gorgeous and an amazing vidder and perfect, never forget that! and your video is in the works, i hope to have a preview soon! happy sweet 16th babeeee <3 wish i could be there, and we will party it up in phoenix!! :D

You are too perfect my gorgeous best friend <3

I love you soo much and you mean the world to me.

Happy Birthday Jenna!!!!! :D

Thank you Chriss <33333

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happy birthday bitch. i love you! and im trying to get you a vidd done ! <3

OMG, yay.

I can’t wait to see it.

And thank you gorgeous <3333

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Ahahaha, Thanks Mate :DDD

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casually staring at someone’s boobs and wondering how they got so perfect looking ?

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(send me a fandom...) AHS (:
  • M/F OTP - Tate/Violet (i think that’s obvious)
  • M/M OTP - Tate/Gabriel
  • F/F OTP - Hayden/Moira
  • OT3 - Violet/Tate/Hayden
  • BROTP - Vivian/Moira/Nora (come on, they could be hell badass!)
  • Favorite Canon - Tate/Violet
  • Favorite Crack - Hayden/Tate
  • Guilty Pleasure - Hayden/Tate
  • Pairing I Hate - Ben/Vivian
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I miss my best friend. We were really close and then I changed schools and we sort of grew apart. He calls me every couple of months for an 'Amber update' and we talk for hours and it makes me so happy that he still thinks about me and tells me he loves me even though so much time has passed since I saw him.

Naww hunnie, that’s really sweet. If you can, you should go visit him. I’m sure he’d love that…

Tell me about someone you miss  

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:'/ again I'm sorry... I probably shouldn't of told you... I thought it'd be fun if you knew a little though... sorry girly :(

Nahh, it’s completely fine hun.

It’ll make me more and more excited and i’ll be jumping up and down waiting for it :D

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Ha! I'M SOOOOOO SSSOOORRRRRYYYY D'; but this way you'll be more excited when it does come!!

I’ll have to wait till a day after my birthday, because i’m a day ahead of you, BUT i guess it’ll be worth it, so ohk, i’ll wait.

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Haha! Yes :'x I'm so sorry hun! When's your bday? June... 9th?

June 8th, and you’re mean :(

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Nina Dobrev at Conan O’brien: Using him as her human Yoga wall

Haha OMG same here! I've been trying to finish another collab with cowboyhobo & I seriously can't find the motivation.. & arg haha you're driving me crazy with that ;) I'm gonna end up downloading your parts you linked me from youtube and just seeing it for myself ;D

Ahah now now shannan, don’t you do that. Otherwise it’ll ruin the surprise :DDDD

And i’m changing the subject, but can you give me a clue to what your making me for my birthday?

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